R&D and innovation projects

At ITENE, we work alongside businesses as their technology partners in developing and implementing R&D and innovation projects, contributing all our knowledge and experience in our areas of expertise.

We can help you undertake your research, development and innovation project, supporting you at all the stages of the process from the idea to the market.

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Got an idea and want to bring it to the market? Talk to us!

ITENE is your technological partner, and we are ready to guide you throughout the process:

R&D and innovation projects

1. Defining the R&D and innovation project

  • We help you to develop your idea and ensure innovation potential: we provide our technical and market analysis know-how and estimate the potential business opportunity.

2. Presenting the proposal

      • We draw up the technical report and work plan.
      • We prepare estimates of economic, social and environmental impact.
      • We contribute content of technological value, including the industrial process, scaling, as well as references to standards and the legal framework that affects the project, safety requirements, etc.
      • We help devise a strategy for protecting the results and the most appropriate collaboration and technology transfer models for project exploitation.
R&D and innovation projects 2

3. Evaluating and approving the R&D project

  • We follow up the evaluation process
  • We adapt the proposal to the client’s specifications
  • We organise and coordinate the project kick-off.

4. Implementing the R&D project

  • We ensure seamless technical coordination of the tasks.
  • We ensure outstanding technical deployment of the R&D and innovation services.
  • We ensure an appropriate justification of the technical and economic execution.
R&D and innovation projects
R&D and innovation projects 3

5. Exploitation, upscaling of the R&D and innovation project’s results

  • We assess the results’ exploitation potential and help to find the most suitable partners.
  • We support the industrial scaling-up process and the mass production plan for the project with a view to marketing it.

Do you need funding for your project? We can help you get it!

At ITENE we support you in the search for the most appropriate R&D and innovation public funding options in order to achieve a winning proposal. We are experts in the following grants:

      • Other Spanish regions.

We collaborate in the whole process, from the presentation of the report to the exploitation of the results:

  • We draft the report proposal and the work plan.
  • We support in the search for partners and manage the consortium agreement.
  • We closely monitor the status of the dossier, its development and approval.
  • We carry out the technical coordination of the work and the exploitation of the results.
  • We support the correct justification of the technical and economic execution of the projects.

Why choose ITENE for your R&D and innovation project?

    • Over 25 years of experience
    • 375 R&D and innovation projects undertaken in 2018-2021 alone
    • Experts in handling funding for your R&D and innovation project.
    • Highly skilled research staff to make your ideas happen.
    • Material and additive synthesis
    • Material formulation and processing
    • Packaging and packaging-product interaction
    • Printing and functional surfaces
    • Packaging engineering
    • Recycling technologies
    • Industrial biotechnology
    • Nanotechnology
    • Sensors and biodetection
    • Safe-by-design and bioinformatics
    • Digital transformation and connectivity
    • Decarbonisation
    • We have over 5,000 m2 of laboratories and pilot plants equipped with avant-garde technology.
    • We have a new facility to house new pilot plants and laboratories.
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