Logistics chain optimisation

At ITENE we work to optimise logistics chains to solve sustainability and digital transformation issues in this field.

We are specialists in

  • Route and fleet management systems, considering companies’ ongoing needs for comprehensive systems that assign trucks to an optimised route.
  • Assessment of compliance with Royal Decree 563/2017 and other related standards UNE 12.195-1:2010 and EUMOS 40509:2012 for loads transported by road and sea.
  • Improving chain traceability through the use of self-developed monitoring devices (temperature, humidity, vibrations), to guarantee load safety and integrity throughout the entire chain.

We also work with associations and platforms such as Logistop and Alice.

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optimización cadenas logísticas 2
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Areas of work

  • Monitoring and optimisation of logistics and transport routes.
  • Logistic models for deliveries and returns.
  • Last-mile logistics.
  • Definition of new optimised distribution models/systems.
  • Definition and development of load traceability devices.
  • Definition and design of reverse logistics chains for circular models.
  • Route optimisation for the collection and transport of waste for recovery (definition of circular models).
  • Definition and design of reusable packaging pools.

Benefits of controlling and optimising the logistics chain

  • Increased trust between the stakeholders involved (suppliers, retailers, logistics operators and consumers).
  • Improved traceability and cold chain.
  • Cost-savings by reducing inefficiencies in the different logistics and transport processes.
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