ITENE has a wide experience in research projects on waste recovery and in the development of recycling technologies that it puts at the service of companies.

Since 2019, more than 10 management and recycling processes have been developed by the technical area of our technology centre.
This expertise allows us to work on new initiatives to provide solutions for the different stages that waste goes through during its recovery.

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Residuos naranja, romanescu y FORSU

Plastic waste recycling technologies

Plástico procesado en extrusora

Waste pre-treatment

We apply different pre-treatment techniques to determine the possibilities of waste recovery, as well as to determine the sustainability of the whole process. To this end, we carry out a physical and chemical characterisation of the waste prior to its study.

In addition, we implement processes for shredding and elimination of impurities present in the waste, as well as the drying of materials prior to their recovery.

Mechanical recycling

    • Decontamination and elimination of dyes and odours from post-consumer plastics: We work on the implementation of processes for the elimination of contaminants – dyes, odours or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) – and, therefore, for the incorporation of recycled materials in new applications with high added value.
    • Delamination of multilayer structures from plastic packaging waste to obtain monomers and oligomers for subsequent polymerisation into recycled plastics.

Chemical recycling

We develop processes with which products of interest to the plastics and chemical industry are obtained:

  • We develop processes with which products of interest to the plastics and chemical industry are obtained.
  • Purification by selective dissolution of a target layer (adhesives, barrier layer or ink layer) or by Extraction with s-CO2.
  • Chemical depolymerisation by solvolysis.
  • Heat treatment by pyrolysis, gasification or thermal hydrotreating.

Reciclado enzimático

Trabajamos en el reciclado y eliminación de los plásticos con mayor impacto ambiental, mejorando así la cadena de valor, gracias al uso de enzimas, insectos y microrganismos.  Logramos con las tecnologías que trabajamos en ITENE, la degradación del polímero sin generar residuos para el ser humano ni el medio ambiente.

Poliolefina postconsumo tras proceso de descontaminación

Enzymatic recycling for plastics and organic waste

  • We work on the recycling and elimination of plastics, thus improving the value chain, thanks to the use of enzymes, insects and microorganisms.  With the technologies we work with at ITENE, we achieve polymer degradation without generating waste for humans or the environment.
  • Biorecycling also allows the treatment of organic waste of urban origin or agricultural by-products that can be used to obtain new bioproducts.

Instalaciones punteras

Disponemos de una planta de planta piloto de reciclado en la que se puede realizar

  •  Simulación de las condiciones de operación para la valorización de residuos celulósicos y plásticos a escala piloto.
  • Eliminación de impurezas y restos metálicos.
  • Reducción de tamaño y acondicionamiento de residuos de envase para la obtención de escamas.
  • Eliminación contaminantes, restos de materia orgánica y secado de las escamas plásticas.

También contamos con un laboratorio de biotecnología industrial en el que se trabaja en

  • procesos y tecnologías de reciclado enzimático de materiales plásticos mediante la aplicación de microorganismos o enzimas.
  • valorización de biorresiduos de origen urbano (FORSU, fracción orgánica de los residuos sólidos urbanos) y de origen agroalimentario e industrial.