Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an essential factor in industry, as it has a decisive impact on the competitiveness and efficiency of companies. The adoption of new technologies, within the framework of Industry 4.0, through digitalisation is an essential step and the logistics sector, considered a benchmark in the production system, has the opportunity to become a model to follow.

ITENE has extensive experience and knowledge of the needs of the logistics sector, as well as a wide know-how on digital transformation. In this way, we help companies not only from the technology point of view, but also from the change management point of view and providing a business vision.

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Transformación Digital
Transformación digital

What benefits can Digital Transformation bring?

Digital transformation has a noticeable influence on business competitiveness, and its influence can be seen directly in

  • The reduction of time per process
  • The Reduction in the number of failures
  • The Reduction of material resources
  • The Increased customer satisfaction

Focus areas for a digital transformation

The ITENE research centre supports companies on their way to digital transformation from diagnosis and strategy definition to project implementation.

The good practices that it develops are aimed at determining the digital maturity of the processes and analysing the current situation to establish, in this way, a roadmap towards digital transformation and, with this, define a set of good practices for the implementation of enabling technologies that help the competitiveness of companies in achieving this goal.

We work on the monitoring and simulation of the real distribution cycle and associated risks, the design and development of customised sensor systems for the evaluation of transport and distribution conditions, and the optimisation of the supply chain and last-mile transport.

We also participate in the implementation of sustainable and connected solutions for the distribution of goods and develop intelligent transport and mobility solutions using simulation models (digital twins), connected sensors (IoT) and Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.


Transformación Digital 10
Transformación digital
  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Twin
  • Augmented Reality
  • IoT
  • 5G / 6G, Cloud / Edge
  • Systems Integration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Big Data

Mobility DataHub

ITENE is betting on the articulation of a Mobility DataHub to optimise the planning, management and control of passenger and freight transport services. The objective is to have a database to develop mobility analyses of different natures, which can be used by companies to improve their services from the beginning, and by the regulatory authority to better direct their efforts.

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Thus, virtual replicas are being designed consisting of three-dimensional models called digital twins that, in the context of Smart Cities, use urban mobility data collected through IoT (Internet of Things) equipment such as sensors or cameras.

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Digital Innovation Hub for the promotion of companies

ITENE belongs to InnDIH (Valencia Digital Innovation Hub) in which it supports companies in the following aspects:

Tecnología digital
  • Feasibility study for participation in collaborative R&D projects to support the transformation of innovative ideas into demonstrable concepts.
  • Advice and consultancy on the use of digital technologies and access to a competence centre for R&D projects.
  • We also offer workshops, showrooms, workshops and use cases for potential customers and advice on intellectual property.
  • In terms of training, it offers training in business and entrepreneurship and digital technologies.

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