At ITENE we provide solutions for retail goods transport in the last link of the chain before the product reaches the final consumer. It is essential for this industry to understand the intensity of the risks associated with this type of distribution, in order to optimise product packaging, and prevent any costs and impacts associated with under-packaging or over-packaging. It is very difficult to optimise product packaging without being aware of the demands of the distribution route the product must follow until it reaches its final destination.

At ITENE we validate the packaging used for goods transport by assessing the product’s condition, according to its technical characteristics, and identifying the risks that may affect it. Likewise, we also tackle end-to-end packaging design projects, selecting the best packaging with our proprietary methodology, developed through many years of experience, which we then validate in our transport simulation laboratory.

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Optimised, efficient packaging

In our simulation laboratory, we subject loads to different tests to reduce the costs and environmental impacts associated with inefficient packaging during transport, thus improving company positioning in the market compared to its competitors:

  • Simulation of mechanical risks during transport: primarily vertical accelerations and angular velocities, falls (shocks) and impacts.
  • Simulation of risks during storage, such as stacking, falling and poor stowage.
  • Simulation of environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

Services for retailers

  • R&D and innovation: We are your technology partner for all of your innovation projects.
  • Testing and certification in our own laboratories:
    • Certification of packaging for the carriage of dangerous goods.
    • Packaging assessment using transport simulation: testing services for packaging and palletised loads using test protocols that reproduce risks and their intensity in order to optimise packaging systems, using the minimum amount of materials to ensure the product is protected throughout the distribution process.
  • Technological consultancy in sustainability, packaging optimisation, monitoring of routes, fleets and risks associated with the transport of goods.
  • In-company training services and our own courses and master’s degree.
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