Food and beverages

Food and beverage manufacturers have in ITENE a centre in which to develop solutions and innovation projects to preserve food safety and avoid food waste through active and intelligent packaging or through the development of new advanced and sustainable packaging materials, design validation and optimisation and other sustainable transport, logistics and mobility solutions.

We offer various solutions for the food industry, which are detailed below.

alimentación y bebidas
botellas de plástico en supermercado
productos en supermercado en lineal

Solutions for food and beverage companies

Check out the main solutions in this sector:

Services available for the food industry

  • R&D and innovation projects: We are technological partners for the development and execution of innovation projects.
  • Tests and certification in ITENE laboratories for materials characterisation, materials in contact with food, packaging evaluation, packaging optimisation, compostability.
  • Technological consultancy on sustainability, improvement of material properties, food safety, packaging optimisation, monitoring of routes, fleets and risks associated with the transport of goods, etc.
  • Specialised training, custom-made courses and business meetings.
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