The traffic management and urban mobility measures adopted by local governments in recent years, based on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, require information on the costs, advantages and profitability of electric or low-emission vehicles for passenger and goods transport.

Here at ITENE we conduct feasibility studies for the implementation of low-emission vehicle fleets, develop the technological solutions to optimise last-mile goods transport and quantify the carbon footprint. We also provide advice on the choice of vehicles and the infrastructure required for sustainable mobility.

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Solutions to promote transport decarbonisation

  • Support tools for migration to more environmentally friendly fleets.
  • Route calculation optimisation systems for low-emission vehicles.
  • Demonstration of the feasibility of using zero-emission vehicles for urban goods and passenger transport.
  • Development of plans for the implementation of charging points for clean-energy vehicles.
  • Drafting of sustainable mobility plans.
  • Environmental impact assessment: carbon footprint analysis.
  • Prediction and optimisation systems:
    • Predictive maintenance model for low-emission vehicles.
    • Eco-driving model to optimise the performance of sustainable vehicles.
    • Measures to optimise traffic in urban areas.
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