Connected and automated mobility

Today’s urban logistics are undergoing major changes due to the irruption of Smart Cities and factors such as vehicle safety improvements that help us to monitor our surroundings to prevent accidents or greatly reduce their consequences thanks to the use of sensors, controllers and actuators.

These technologies enable us to move to the next step: autonomous and connected vehicles that bring about a change in urban mobility to create healthier, more competitive, greener and smarter cities.

movilidad urbana

At ITENE we develop technological solutions for connected and automated mobility to guarantee the safety of vehicle occupants and other road users.

In addition, we work on sustainable mobility and the optimisation of urban goods transport, known as last-mile delivery.

Areas of work

  • Introducing autonomous vehicles to passenger and goods transport services, with solutions that help to streamline operations in cities involving technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Geospatial Technology, which are key to building Smart Cities, and to bringing significant improvements to businesses and service efficiency.
  • Advanced traffic management based on the use of connected mobility
  • Optimising logistics to move towards smarter logistics models
  • Goods safety and traceability in automated and connected mobility systems
  • Demand forecasting and management
  • Delivery of goods with autonomous vehicles
  • Definition of carpooling and carsharing models for shared passenger mobility services

Benefits of connected and automated mobility

  • Increased transport safety and lower accident rates
  • New transport options for people with functional diversity and the elderly
  • Reduced delivery costs and increased driving efficiency and sustainability
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