Sustainable and advanced packaging materials

If you need to improve the properties of your packaging materials or look for sustainable material alternatives without compromising performance, at ITENE we work to develop new materials with advanced properties that meet the requirements of the product to be packaged.

All the materials developed are tested taking into account their final application and their safety requirements in accordance with the applicable legislation in each case.

development of new packaging materials
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Improving packaging material properties

Packaging materials we work with:

  • Biodegradable and compostable polymers (PLA, PHA, thermoplastic starch, etc.). To offer a commercial alternative to oil by-products with similar performance.
  • Conventional polymers (PET, PE, PP, etc.). Additive technology reduces the amount of material used and/or the thickness of the packaging in line with eco-design and raw material savings.
  • Paper and cardboard. To increase the barrier properties against moisture, gases or grease, as well as their mechanical resistance.

What are the advantages?

  • Better properties for the packaging material. For example: barrier properties for gases and moisture, and oleophobic, hydrophobic, thermal and mechanical stability.
  • The reduction of raw materials, costs and environmental impact.
  • Lengthening the shelf-life of products and maintaining their quality. Packaging with antimicrobial, anti-insect, antioxidant, aromatic, CO² generating, and oxygen, moisture, odour and ethylene absorbing properties.

Success stories – sustainable and advanced packaging materials

botellas de PLA desarrolladas por ITENE

Reinforced PLA bottles

  • For non-carbonated drinks
  • Improved thermal resistance and 40% increase in oxygen barrier properties
  • Injection-blown

Compostable packaging

  • For the cosmetic sector
  • 100% compostable, good antioxidant properties
  • Injection
envase compostable
envase de nanoarcillas

PLA trays reinforced with cellulose

  • For the (sliced) meat sector
  • 30% improvement in the oxygen barrier
  • Extrusion and thermoforming

Compostable, flexible, multilayer packaging with high-barrier properties

  • Designed for dry and dehydrated food packaging.
  • Based on cellulose and bioplastics. 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • High moisture and oxygen barrier
  • Active properties that extend the shelf-life of products up to 24 months.
Papel y cartón con celulosa microfibrilada

Paper and cardboard with microfibrillated cellulose

  • For the fruit and vegetable industry
  • 50% improvement in mechanical properties and 87% permeability reduction

PET packaging

  • For the canning industry
  • 17% reduction in oxygen permeability
  • Injection-blown
  • Compatible with PET recycling
Envases de PET
Films monocapa de PA

PA monolayer films

  • For the olive and pickle sector.
  • Improved interlayer adhesion to eliminate adhesives.
  • Reactive extrusion.

Barrier coatings

  • For food packaging: fresh produce and snacks
  • Simplification of multilayer structures
  • Application using conventional flexible packaging printing: flexo/gravure
  • Tool for single-material packaging solutions
  • Improved barrier properties: > 90% oxygen barrier and > 30% water vapour barrier
  • Applicable to biodegradable and compostable materials

Active and smart compostable and bio-based packaging 

  • Applications for fresh and/or processed food
  • Three types of packaging: two different types of flexible packaging and one rigid type.
  • Improved barrier and mechanical properties compared to other bio-based and compostable packaging using methods such as:
    • selective integration of superhydrophobic surfaces
    • microencapsulated phase change materials
    • barrier coatings
    • detection devices and novel bioactive, antimicrobial and antioxidant systems

Learn more about the BIOSMART project.

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