Sustainable mobility

The development of Smart Cities has highlighted the need to optimise resources in different areas and to improve mobility and sustainability.

At ITENE we design and implement measures to increase the efficiency of urban transport networks and optimise public and private transport. We draw up sustainable mobility plans for passengers and goods, and assess the environmental impact of mobility solutions.

movilidad sostenible 1
Bicicletas eléctricas para una movilidad urbana sostenible
Movilidad sostenible y carga de vehiculos electricos

Areas of work

  • Migration to new mobility patterns:
    • Use of electric vehicles in transport fleets, for long-distance and last-mile goods delivery and passenger transport
    • Solutions for goods transport through the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  • Feasibility studies and analysis for electric fleets using different implementation models.
  • Technological solutions for last-mile delivery optimisation (route planning, fleet management, etc.)
  • Advice on the choice of vehicles and the necessary charging infrastructure (charging points, smart management systems, etc.)
  • Definition and implementation of measures to improve urban transport network efficiency (public and private transport)
  • Transport user behaviour studies
  • Development of sustainable mobility plans
  • Environmental impact assessment of mobility solutions

Benefits of sustainable mobility

  • Reduction in the use of fossil fuels and in the environmental impact of transport
  • Protection of public health
  • Reduced costs for businesses
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