ITENE is an accredited laboratory to demonstrate the recyclability of packaging on an experimental basis.

ITENE RecyClass certifications to accredit the recyclability of plastics

Recyclass PS reciclabilidad

Do you need to demonstrate the recyclability of plastics?

ITENE has been recognized by RecyClass as the world’s first laboratory accredited to demonstrate the experimental recyclability of polystyrene (PS) containers, through the “RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PS Containers”, which establishes a harmonized methodology for testing the recyclability of a specific product in a given recycling stream.

In this way, companies manufacturing raw materials or packaging manufacturers can demonstrate through an independent laboratory that the PS used in their packaging solutions can be recycled.

PS resins, PS products containing barrier materials, mineral fillers and additives, PS-free closure systems, non-PS coatings, liners and valves, PS-free labels and sleeves, adhesives and inks can all be accredited under this protocol.

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