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ITENE has a wide experience in the management of waste from packaging, industrial agri-food (mainly fruit and vegetables) and urban (FORSU, organic fraction of municipal solid waste) by means of technologies applicable to the different phases through which a waste goes through, allowing the optimisation of processes and the transformation of waste into new materials with high added value.

We also have a laboratory to develop new technologies for the collection, transport and classification of packaging waste and its subsequent scaling.

We also have an industrial biotechnology laboratory, which deals with the development of technologies for the enzymatic biorecycling of materials and the recovery of biowaste for the development of high added value products, both of urban and industrial origin, and the development of novel recycling processes for conventional plastics through the application of microorganisms or enzymes.

Find out what technologies we work with and what solutions we provide to waste managers.

residuos de envase
clasificación de envases
gestores de residuos
contenedores de residuos

Collection technologies

We help to determine the quantity and quality of the waste generated by each citizen by studying the current collection system and the possible applicable technologies. We then develop a new technological solution and implement it.

An example of this is the development of smart containers and pay-as-you-throw or compensation systems.

Transport technologies

  • Container sensorisation in order to monitor container conditions for transport and collection optimisation.
  • Optimisation of collection services and routes for the implementation of a system for planning container collection routes according to parameters of interest such as fill level or waste degradation.
  • Logistics in urban waste management, an area in which we carry out reverse logistics models, work on the definition and design of reusable packaging pools, and the optimisation of agri-food value chains.
camión recogiendo contenedores de basura
clasificación de residuos en planta de tratamiento

Sorting technologies

  • Detection and separation of materials: We work on the identification and classification of materials and on replicating industrial conditions to understand the behaviour of post-consumer/post-industrial waste.
  • Advanced markers to improve quality in the separation of specific material streams, either by identifying the material of interest or that which we are interested in removing.
  • Identification of packaging streams via RFID systems to trace the trajectory of packaging in waste treatment plants.

Benefits for waste managers when working with ITENE

Thanks to our research experience in R+D+i projects, we have extensive experience in the development of solutions aimed at improving the management of packaging waste, urban waste and agri-food waste.

    • Provide a differential service in the municipalities where we have the concession to collect waste.
    • Increase the quantity and quality of selectively collected waste.
    • Increase the quality of the fractions obtained after the sorting process.
    • Capacity to implement citizen compensation systems or modulation of waste charges.
    • Incentivising recycling and raising public awareness.
    • Provide a differential service in the municipalities where we have the concession to collect waste.
    • Knowing the conditions of numerous containers simultaneously (level of filling, state of organic matter, etc.).
    • Possibility of optimising collection based on monitored values.
    • Reduction of operating costs.
    • Reduction of distances and collection times.
    • Reduction of operating costs.
    • Possibility of route planning in real time.
    • Reduced carbon footprint.
    • Analysing the behaviour of packaging or different materials with equipment that can be assimilated to industrial equipment.
    • Analysis of the presence of impurities (metals) in post-consumer fractions.
    • Possibility of achieving cleaner waste streams by eliminating unwanted materials.
    • Generation of ad hoc recycling circuits ensuring traceability and availability of high quality raw materials.
    • Improved quality of recovered material streams.
    • Possibility to identify and separate high added value packaging.
    • Possibility to achieve cleaner waste streams by eliminating unwanted materials.
    • Ad hoc marking of containers according to polymer, application and actual environment.
    • Ability to trace the trajectory of specific containers in the plant.
    • Obtaining real-time data on plant operation.
    • Obtaining data on the effectiveness of industrial sorting/sorting equipment.
    • Analysis of the recyclability and design of certain types of packaging.

Solutions for waste managers

Consult the main solutions in this sector:

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