Compostability and biodegradation assessment

Companies that develop compostable materials must conduct tests to ensure that their products are suitable for the needs of the material to be packaged and for composting via industrial or domestic processes.

At ITENE we assess compostability and biodegradation to ascertain whether a material, additive, intermediate or final product can be recovered through compostability and thus obtain the main international certifications: TÜV Austria, DIN CERTCO, BPI, European Bioplastics, ABA (Australasian Bioplastics Association) and REAL (Compostable Materials Certification Scheme).

Obtain the most important compostability certifications at global level

Our laboratories are accredited in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 international quality standard.

Industrial compostability
The TÜV Austria, DIN CERTCO, BPI, European Bioplastics, ABA and REAL industrial compostability certifications


Home compostability

TÜV Austria, DIN CERTCO, ABA and REAL home compostability certifications.

Which compostability test phases can ITENE perform?

ITENE is currently the only centre in Spain accredited by ENAC to carry out tests in all four compostability phases according to the UNE-EN 13432 standard.

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Characterisation of materials

  • We determine the content of organic matter and the levels of regulated metals and other hazardous substances.
  • Duration: 6 weeks.


  • We define the biodegradation levels of the product, material, intermediate product or additive.
Industrial 58°C 6
Home 20-30°C 12


  • We verify the physical disappearance of a material in pilot-scale and laboratory-scale compostability tests.
Industrial 40-70°C 3
Home 20-30°C 6

Compost quality

  • We analyse the physical-chemical properties of the compost obtained and carry out toxicity tests on plants.
  • Duration: 6 weeks.

Soil Biodegrabality 

ITENE can also determine the environmental impact on soil, as it is recognised by TÜV AUSTRIA for the execution of tests with the OK Biodegradable SOIL mark. In our laboratories, we test for biodegradation, ecotoxicity, heavy metals and fluorine.

    • To various kinds of additives and products such as bags, packaging and single-use plastic items.
    • On different types of materials, mainly cellulose-based or plastic.

    In the case of plastics, these tests will enable you to verify that your material or product complies with the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy that stipulates that all plastic packaging sold in the European Union must be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2030.

  • We verify the compostability of your materials or products in three steps:

    • Documentary analysis to evaluate the composition of the material.
    • Draft of the proposed tests according to the case (characterisation, biodegradation, disintegration, final compost quality).
    • Testing and issuance of the reports to enable the applicant to obtain the industrial or home compost certifications.
    • Quick response
          • We respond to new queries in less than 48 hours.
    • Accredited experience
          • More than 250 compostability testing services carried out since 2017.
          • Over a hundred companies have entrusted their testing to us.
    • Specialised team
          • Made up of highly qualified and PhD researchers in the field.
    • Own equipment and facilities
    • ENAC accreditation
          • ITENE became in 2019 the first centre in Spain accredited by ENAC to carry out compostability tests in its four phases based on the EN 13432 standard.
    • Main industrial and home certification schemes
          • With ITENE’s test reports, you will be eligible for the eleven certification schemes we work with.

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