Material and additive synthesis

At ITENE we invest in raw material and additive synthesis to innovate and improve new materials. We do research into alternative raw materials and their synthesis and functionalisation for subsequent use in packaging materials and for ancillary companies that use inks and adhesives.

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Additive synthesis and treatment for packaging material processing

Including additives makes it possible to fashion materials with new functionalities and enhanced properties such as additivated polymeric materials called composites.


Additives range from organic and inorganic compounds extracted from nature to synthetic compounds generated from renewable processes. Their uses include:

  • Enhancing mechanical, thermal and barrier properties.
  • Adding new functionalities such as antioxidants, antimicrobial and antiviricidal properties.
  • Lightening plastic materials by reducing the amount of polymer needed.

At ITENE we work on:

  • Additive synthesis from waste materials
  • Chemical synthesis of new additives and raw materials
  • Pre- and post-processing of additives such as:
    • Chemical modification to improve compatibility
    • Drying and particle size adaptation (micro, nano)
    • Encapsulation and release of compounds
  • Protection against processing
raw material

Material processing

We work with cellulosic materials (paper, cardboard and paperboard), conventional plastics (polyolefins, polyesters) and recycled polymers, and bioplastics and bio-based and compostable polymers using a number of techniques:

  • Compounding: to develop composite plastic materials with advanced properties, often by optimising the dispersion of functionalised reinforcements and in-line rheology measurements.
  • Reactive extrusion: to develop new formulations, in some cases based on compostable and recycled materials, by using reactive extrusion technologies which modify the polymeric material to enhance its end performance and streamline the plastics production chain.
  • Blown film extrusion, tubular, single and multilayer
  • Extrusion blow moulding of single and three-layer hollow bodies for bottles
  • Cast film extrusion
  • Thermoforming
  • Injection moulding
  • Injection blow moulding
  • Compression moulding
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