PULPACKTION: Optimised moulded pulp for renewable packaging solutions

Project PULPACKTION will develop cellulose-based packaging solutions for the specific demands of the food and electronic packaging industries, reducing dependence on non-renewable fossil fuel based plastics.



–   Improvement of existing wood pulp wet moulded materials for the development of tailored-to-purpose pulps
–   Improvement of current technology of cellulose wet moulded productions
–   To produce specific bio-based plastics materials to reach final product packaging and shelf-life requirements
–   To develop sustainable final packaging materials able to reach targeted renewability criteria’s cited as sustainability indicators
–   To validate final packages in an industrial environment
–   To lower the energy consumption of the wet moulding process reduction of 20% in the weight of the bio-based packages compared to similar fossil-based solutions
–  CO2 emission reduction of more than 50% compared to competing fossil-based packaging solutions
–  To increase the competitiveness of the European pulp, board and paper making industries