OPTINANOPRO: Nanomaterials for easyemptying packaging, selfcleaning solar panels and lighter automotive components

Paneles solares
Introduction of nanotechnology in the existing production lines of packaging, automotive and organic photovoltaic materials.

OPTINANOPRO aims to introduce nanoparticles into packaging, automotive and solar panels to improve their features.

At the end of life of a tube, as much as 30% of the product can be wasted due to difficulties for the consumer to get it out. Nanotechnology can provide packaging with improved barrier properties to maximise material suitability for their target application as well as tailored surface properties resulting in Easytoempty features that will on the one hand reduce product wastes at consumer level and, on the other hand, improve their acceptability by recyclers.

Solar panels lose up to 40% of their energy harvesting potential due to rain and dirt resting on them. Solar panels can be selfcleaning to increase their effectiveness and extend the period between their maintenance and their lifetime by filtering UV light leading to material weathering. And in the automotive sector, lightweight parts can be obtained for greater fuel efficiency.

OPTINANOPRO is an R&D project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme handled by a consortium of 15 partners from all around Europe under the IRIS coordination that will focus on the development and industrial integration of tailored online dispersion and monitoring systems to ensure a constant quality of delivered materials.