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Amazon vendors have to comply with the requirements of the Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) programme, which aims to reduce the amount of packaging waste in orders and improve the shopping experience for users by making them easy to open and 100% recyclable.


ITENE was the first centre in Spain to be appointed by Amazon as APASS (Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network) member to help vendors in their adaptation to the programme and the homologation of their packaging references thanks to the tests to certify packaging for Amazon FFP.

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For this purpose, ITENE provides the following SERVICES:

  • Initial advice based on the sales references provided by the vendor.
  • Consultancy for the improvement and optimisation of the packaging design for the e-commerce channel.
  • Certification of the “ready to ship” packaging systems by means of the ISTA 6 – Amazon – SIOC (Shipments in own container) and ISTA 6- Amazon -Overboxing test protocols, essential to comply with the platform’s Easy Open Package programme.
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Both protocols print, through all their tests, each of the risks involved in Amazon’s distribution cycle by means of falls, vibrations, impacts, manual and mechanical handling with forklifts, vertical and horizontal compressions, etc., based on standardised standards such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). The aim is to achieve excellence in the packaging used, without losing sight of the fact that the resistance of the packaging must be one of its primary objectives.

FFP requirements

The Frustration Free Packaging programme has 3 levels of certification, depending on the nature of the product, the dimensions and weight of the packaging + product, the characteristics of the packaging, etc.

It is imperative that all products sold through Amazon that are larger than 45.5 x 34.0 x 26.5 cm or weigh more than 12.3 kg are designed and certified as ready to ship according to the ISTA 6 – Amazon – SIOC test protocols. Items that require certification and are not subject to any exclusions will incur a charge from Amazon of €1.70 per unit sold.

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  • Tier 1- Frustration Free Packaging: Intended for packaging that alone withstands the risks of distribution without damage to the product (meeting ISTA 6 – Amazon – SIOC protocol), and also meets each of the requirements for recyclability, ease of opening, and design considerations aimed at reducing packaging volume and components.
  • Tier 2- Shipment in own container: This tier represents only “ready-to-ship” packaging that has been structurally verified as suitable for the Amazon distribution network through the ISTA 6 – mazon – SIOC protocol with minimal or no damage transmitted to the retail item.

Packages containing liquids, semi-liquids, fragile material or multiple components must also be certified with the ISTA 6 – Amazon – Overboxing test protocol.

  • Tier 3: Prep Free Packaging: This type of certification covers products that are exempt from the higher tiers and that, due to reduced size or weight, liquid products, gels, electronic components, fragile packaging (glass, ceramic…), require overpacking and an extra preparation process carried out in Amazon’s logistics plants.

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