Businesswomen and female executives from the transport industry ready to share their experiences at a workshop organised by ITENE


The workshop, entitled ‘Success stories of female executives and entrepreneurs in the transport industry’, organised within the framework of the European TInnGO project, will be held on 25 November.


Two businesswomen who have successfully launched their own businesses in the transport industry and two female executives working in this sector will be discussing how they have built their professional careers in the male-dominated transport industry as part of the online workshop ‘Success stories of female executives and entrepreneurs’ to be held on 25 November.

The workshop, organised by the Packaging, Transport and Logistics Technology Centre (ITENE), will be attended by Mar Casas, founder of Transleyca, a company specialising in national and international goods haulage, and Pepa Torres, CEO of Walkerpack, a logistics services company that offers its expertise to companies located in different countries and currently manages part of Ford’s logistics chain at its plant in Almussafes (Valencia).

Likewise, the executives Isabel Sánchez, Managing Director of Disfrimur, a company engaged in road transport and logistics throughout Spain and specialising in food and retail products, and Muriel Moscardini, General Manager of Ontruck España, a Spanish technological platform that seeks to optimise transport routes for palletised goods, will also be participating in the event.

The workshop, which is part of the European TInnGO project, is free of charge for participants who register and targets people who are starting their professional career in technology and engineering areas related to transport, and to students on degrees and engineering courses whose knowledge is applicable to the transport sector.

It aims to address the factors that cause the gender balance in the transport industry as well as possible mechanisms and strategies to achieve greater gender equality thanks to a cross-cutting perspective, emphasising the diverse realities that exist among the female community.

ITENE, which is leading the Spanish project’s hub, is organising this workshop on entrepreneurship and employability in transport from a gender perspective. The idea is to promote debate on equal employment opportunities based on the experiences of the speakers.

The TInnGO project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. It involves 20 European partners whose main objective is to take a holistic approach to promoting gender equality in the EU transport industry through the generation, collection and exchange of knowledge. Its main result is a gender-smart mobility observatory which includes research, best practices and statistics on this subject and which can be accessed at

The TInnGO project has 10 ‘hubs’ or coordination centres across Europe. The Spanish TInnGO hub, led by ITENE, is tasked with analysing the situation of women in relation to safety, as well as promoting better job opportunities for women in the transport industry. The hub also fosters the provision of mobility services tailored to women, taking into account their travel patterns and needs and their employment and working conditions.