ITENE at Stretch and Shrink Film – 23-25 April 2024

From 23 to 25 April, 2024, Valencia will host the Stretch and Shrink Film event, sponsored by ITENE, and organized by AMI at the Westin Hotel.

Additionally, during the event, we will organize a visit to our facilities on 23 April, when we will showcase solutions for the optimal development of packaging systems and their validation in real environments to address distribution challenges.

Our services 

Packaging Optimisation, Development and Validation

ITENE helps companies to optimise packaging systems to guarantee the integrity of products throughout the supply chain:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of product protection requirements, packaging automation or distribution risks, proposing packaging systems that reduce associated incidents due to, for example, over- or under-packaging.
  • Design and development of packaging systems capable of passing the tests established by Amazon (ISTA6 Amazon SIOC and ISTA6 Amazon Overboxing protocols).

Compliance with legislation relating to the sustainability and stability of loads

  • Eco-design of sustainable packaging solutions and optimisation of cargo space to comply with sustainability legislation.
  • ITENE’s CSC (Cargo Stability Compliance) provides specialised support to guarantee the stability and safety of palletised loads according to the guidelines of Spanish Royal Decree 563/2017 and the associated standards UNE 12.195-1:2010 and EUMOS 40509:2012, related to the packaging and stowage of loads (road and sea transport).

Laboratory testing of the distribution cycle under real-life conditions

ITENE’s Transport Simulation Centre has the most advanced equipment to analyse the behaviour of packaging in normal and extreme conditions, whether the transport is by land or by sea.

  • Characterisation of distribution routes with data recorder devices, capable of quantifying mechanical and atmospheric risks.
  • Development of test protocols that simulate the distribution cycle, according to ASTM standards, ISTA protocols, or according to the severity level of the route.

Transport Simulation Center equipped by Safe Load Testing Technologies

ITENE´s Transport Simulation Center is equipped with innovative testing technologies designed and patented by SAFE LOAD TESTING TECHNOLOGIES  Thanks to this equipment, ITENE is able to offer leading testing services to optimize and validate distribution packaging adapted to real transport conditions.

    • Vibration test equipment designed to reproduce and test vertical vibrations, pitch and roll systems, motor vibration or rotational vibration systems.
    • Drop test equipment to analyze vertical and rotational impacts on the packaging and its contents.
    • Data Recorders, created to record and analyze shocks, vibrations and accelerations occurring during transport, thanks to innovative software.
    • Equipment designed to evaluate the stability and stiffness of loads subjected to horizontal accelerations and decelerations during transport.
    • Vertical and lateral compression testing equipment for shipping containers, pallets and unit loads.
    • Equipment to measure the horizontal compression force of loads to ensure the integrity of containers and packaging and the products they contain.
    • Equipment to perform crash and impact tests to ensure optimized packaging and safe goods.
    • Equipment designed to evaluate the stability of loads during transport by performing tilt tests.
    • A set of advanced software tools for load stability analysis that uses high-speed machine vision systems to record and analyze the deformation of unit loads.
    • Equipment designed to ensure that packaging systems meet Amazon’s standards for protection during transport and storage.