IAPRI 24th World Packaging Conference, June 2024


The 24th IAPRI World Packaging Conference will be held on June 2024 in Valencia, Spain.

IAPRI 2024 Valencia ITENE

The 2024 edition of the IAPRI World Conference on Packaging will explore the latest research advances in this field, an event in which ITENE will bring 30 years of experience since that same month of 2024 the research centre will celebrate three decades of activity dedicated to generate scientific-technological knowledge to transfer it to companies through R&D projects, consultancy services, testing and training.

More info: iapri2024.itene.com

If you are interested in the Conference and you want to participate with a General Stream Paper, a Presentation or a Poster Abstract related to the following topics:

  • Packaging of Dangerous Goods.
  • Packaging Education.
  • Packaging Laws and Regulations.
  • Packaging Materials.
  • Packaging Machinery and Operations.
  • Packaging and Logistics.
  • Packaging and Environment.
  • Sustainable Packaging.
  • Medical, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Packaging.
  • E-Commerce Packaging.
  • Packaging for Export and Trade.
  • Active, Intelligent and Smart Packaging.
  • Packaging Testing and Standards.
  • Packaging Design.
  • Others…