Safety Services Open Session: LEE BED project – June 20, 2022

Open Session LEE BED

Funded by the European Union, the LEE-BED project brings together world leading European research and technology organisations (RTOs) and industry to establish an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) focusing on nanomaterials and lightweight embedded electronics.

Safety is one of the key aspects to be considered when incorporating these nanomaterials. In this sense, ITENE offers safety services in the framework of the LEE BED project that aim to support companies in the printed electronics sector using nanomaterials in the identification of key points regarding standardization, regulatory compliance, and safety-related issues.

  • Show the safety services offered within the LEE-BED project for printed electronics companies that are using nanomaterials, both in terms of materials and processes:

    • Screening studies to determine the toxicological profile of the products.

    • Studies to assess occupational exposure to nano-objects, their aggregates, and agglomerates in the workplace.

    • Experimental analysis of the effectiveness of personal protective equipment and technical risk management measures (e.g., ventilation).

    • Definition of safe design methods for the reduction of toxicity and exposure.

    • Advice on legislative compliance.

  • In the course of Phase III, ITENE is organising an Open Session focused on Safety Services, addressed to:

    Companies of

    • The printed electronics sector.

    • Nanoparticle manufacturers.

    • Formulators of inks, adhesives and composites based on nanoparticles.

    • Electronic circuit printers with products containing nanoparticles.

Open Session