10th Intl Symposium on Travel Demand Management (TDM) & TInnGO and DIAMOND’s final conference – 17, 18 & 19 November

TinnGO Final Conference

 «Creating a paradigm shift towards gender and equality in smart mobility»

10th Intl Symposium on Travel Demand Management (TDM) & TInnGO and DIAMOND’s final conference.

Data, tools and new approaches are needed to achieve diversity and gender equality in transport and mobility, which has traditionally been a male-dominated sector. The HORIZON 2020 call, MG-4-3-2018 on demographic change and participation of women in transport funded the DIAMOND and TinnGO project to create gender and diversity sensitive data, methodologies and tools to achieve gender equality in transport.

TInnGO and DIAMOND European projects will hold their final conference from November 17th to 19th 2021 jointly with the 10th International Symposium on Travel Demand Management Symposium under the theme “Creating a paradigm shift towards gender and equality in smart mobility”.


During this free online event, TInnGO and DIAMOND experts will present the final outcomes of both projects, external specialists will present their research studies and keynote speakers will significantly contribute to develop and drive forward synergy between academics, researchers, policy makers and the industry.

    • To share new ideas and conceptual approaches on gender and diversity in transport and mobility sectors.
    • To analyse the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the mobility patterns.
    • To advance how new trends in mobility, such as the autonomous vehicle, can represent a challenge but also an opportunity for inclusivity.
    • To present practical tools that help key stakeholders both to identify gender and diversity gaps and implement measures to close these gaps.
    • To demonstrate how TInnGO and DIAMOND projects have been engaging with different stakeholders to boost a paradigm shift in the mobility sector in Europe.
    • Show how these analyses, Gender and Diversity Action Plans (GaDAPS), new designs and practical tools can help increase diversity in transport, both through education and employment.
    • Users attitudes and mode choices towards transport
    • Covid-19 impact on travel demand
    • Inclusivity in automated mobility
    • Safety and security in different aspects of mobility
    • Data and intersectionality: new methods and approaches
    • Inclusivity for transport planning and design
    • Women and diversity in cycling
    • Users of public transport: new approaches looking at gender related issues
    • Self-assessment plaforms for service operators on fairness and inclusivity, open data
    • Inclusion for employability & entreperneurship in transport
    • Gender equity in education and research for transport
    • Policymakers involved in the definition of mobility plans at local, regional, national or European level.
    • Experts from universities, research centres and other academic institutions that are specialised in transport from a gender and diversity perspective.
    • Specialised journalists in gender and/or transport from all European countries that are interested in learning new tools and approaches and using new information sources.
    • Companies starting to implement measures in gender equality and enterprises committed to the topic.