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Modeling the Impact of Innovations on the Circular Economy


The paper and board fabrication needs to be considered and optimized. The tools developed will enable paper makers to consider innovations affecting profitability in the value chain.
Paper recicling process. Paper and board before being recicled.
Source of funds:
Lines research: Equipment Design and Development;Sustainability
Paper and board are unique products beeing both the end products as well as the main raw materials for the next cycle; thereby creating a circular economy. In order to ensure long term profitability, the industry needs to focus on resource efficiency and creating innovative products and value. Currently, the impact of product or process development in the paper mill can to some extent be determined for energy or material efficiency within the mill itself. However, the current tools are not able to incorporate impacts of novel innovations that make the total value chain (or circle) more resource efficient. The impact on e.g. the energy use outside of the paper mill or reduced quality in recycling needs to be considered and optimized.

The REFFIBRE-project aims on finding the best options of the paper and board industry in the Circular Economy in Europe by utilising modeling tools to find the Impact of Innovations on this economy. In this EU-funded project, tools will be developed for the paper and board industry that can instantly provide the needed information regarding the impact of new production processes, raw material input and product innovations , as well as the influence on the recyclability of the end product. The tools enable paper makers to consider innovations affecting profitability in the value chain.
REFFIBRE has started in November 2013. The project will start developing various tools to cover different parts of the value chain. Once the tools are developed, they will be tested by comparing the modeling results of the environmental impact of various innovative concepts with the results from actual demonstration tests.

In REFFIBRE project are involved companies, technological and research centers and universities from EU: 
VTT, Technische Universität Darmstadt, TS, Bumaga BV, CEPI, Vrancart, Alucha, Utzenstorf Papier, Holmen AB and ITENE 

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Contribution: 163.395,00 €
Project ID: 604187

UEThe research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency under grant agreement 604187.

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