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Promoting electrical bicycles and scooters for delivery of goods and passenger transport in urban areas


PRO-E-BIKE project promotes clean and energy efficient vehicles, electric bicycles and electric scooters (common name "E – bikes"), for delivery of goods and passenger transport.
Source of funds:
Lines research: Sustainability;Transport and Mobility
The project is a part of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission, which aims for a 20 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions and 20 percent improvement in both energy efficiency and consumption of renewable energy within the EU by 2020.


The aim of this action is to build understanding and raise confidence in E-bike technology among target groups (delivery companies and companies with their own delivery personnel, public administration, local authorities and citizens in selected urban areas), by allowing them to test and analyse E- bike technology. Other aim is to enable the demonstration of measurable effects in terms of CO2 emission reduction and energy savings in urban transport.


Increased investment and usage of electrical bicycles and scooters (E- bikes) for delivering goods and services in 25 selected target groups.

Development of action plans for 7 pilot cities regarding E-bikes utilization and incorporation of E-bikes in city transport strategies.

Multilayer E -bike simulation tool for target groups. This tool will enable potential users to estimate costs and benefits that can result from introduction of E- bikes in their business. The tool will be presented in additional 50 delivery companies (beyond pilot project companies) in project countries.

Creation of business models for E-bikes (for transport of passengers, goods transport and mixed transport)

Reduction of GHG emissions aiming at 283 t CO2/year, measured with saved petrol in delivery companies and public administration during the project pilot actions.

Contribution: 80.814,00 €
Project ID: IEE/12/856

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Co-Funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union