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suits civitas project
Sustainable Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for S-M local authorities


This project aim is to substantially increase the capacity of Small-Medium local authorities to develop and implement sustainable, inclusive, integrated and accessible transport strategies, policies, technologies, practices, procedures, tools, measures and intelligent transport systems that recognize the end-to-end travel experiences of all users and freight.
Source of funds:
Scopes: Urban mobility and ITS
Lines research: Transport and Mobility
SUITS will target 4 key areas:

I) Integrated planning of passenger and freight

II) transformation of transport departments into learning organisations

III) creation of learning assets for small to medium authorities based on a needs analysis

IV) development of decision support tools to aid new market entrants and to further understanding of procurement regulations.

Research Impact

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) process is seen as key to the development of sustainable, integrated transport in urban areas, and in wider city master plans. Although used successfully in many large cities to improve quality of life, transportation and the economy, small to medium authorities have fewer resources to address the multitude of transport problems they face: e.g. pollution, congestion at peak and tourist times, poor quality services, lack of intermodal and integrated transport and decaying infrastructures. The SUITS consortium will work to understand, provide and disseminate resources and skills to S-M authorities through the development of toolsets, on-line resources, webinars and workshops across EU.

This project is funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union with nº reference 690650

Contribution to ITENE: 141.250,00 €
Project ID: 690650
European Union

European Union