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Save food

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The Spanish Research Center specialized on packaging technologies, ITENE, is one of the members of the SAVE FOOD initiative in order to contribute to the search for solutions that reduce the loss of food and food waste in a world of limited resources.

Key role of the container and packaging

One of the main objectives of the initiative is that the foods are properly packaged from the origin until they reach the market. Packaging plays an essential role in the minimization of food waste throughout the supply chain: first, protecting fresh and processed foods during distribution, then during storage and also at the point of sale, before consumption.

The SAVE FOOD initiative was launched in January 2011 by the FAO and Messe Düsseldorf partners who identified the need to unite the different agents in the supply chain to draw up a common fight against food waste worldwide. The initiative aims to promote dialogue among industry, research, politics and citizens and, for this, regularly convenes meetings and conferences, proposes projects for the development of effective measures and supports them. In this context, consumer awareness is another of its main objectives.

Currently, the initiative has a consortium of 90 partners from across the food supply chain: industry, large distribution, and packaging and logistics sectors.

To learn more about the SAVE FOOD initiative and its associated companies, visit