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Testing Equipment Development

valor itene Equipo Itene

Development of testing equipment from conceptual design to effective implementation

ITENE is the research center specialized in the design, construction, implementation and training of packaging engineering and transport simulation teams.

The Center carries out the development of technological equipment in accordance with the specific requirements of the industry, which include: design, manufacture, testing, installation, training and maintenance. ITENE designs and develops equipment for every need, from the concept to the detailed development. This is followed by the construction of the prototype, tests and performance improvements, and eventually the final construction. The process concludes with the installation of the equipment in the company and its subsequent maintenance.

Turn-key solutions adapted to your business 


The equipment developed by ITENE allows companies to carry out, in their own facilities, tests on the specific and critical packaging requirements for their real supply chain, optimizing the packaging system and thus obtaining relevant cost savings. Packaging manufacturers can offer value-added services to their customers, and other centers can incorporate the latest technology in packaging engineering and transportation simulation.

Click on the following link to download extra information on the design and development of ITENEs´ equipment: