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Carbon Footprint Office

Instalaciones de la Oficina Huella de Carbono

The Carbon Footprint Office aims to improve the environmental profile of the activities and products of companies as a way to optimize costs, use renewable resources and differentiate themselves from the competition, demonstrating their commitment to the environment.

In 2008, ITENE created the first Carbon Footprint Office in Spain, the result of more than a decade of experience of its own research group whose work focused on minimizing the environmental impact associated with packaging, distribution, transportation and logistics. Currently, ITENE also produces reports on Corporate Carbon Footprint, looking at all the company's activity, beyond a specific product.

Both the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and the Carbon Footprint provide essential information for making decisions regarding the optimization of manufacturing and distribution costs.

The Carbon Footprint is more than a tool that contributes to the efficiency of companies and favours the social image and environmental responsibility of companies.


ITENE has an operating license for the provision of carbon footprint calculation services with the Bilan Carbone® method, granted by the Bilan Carbone® Association. In this way, ITENE becomes the first Spanish organization in 2012 to obtain this license.


ITENE has carried out environmental studies for companies such as the newspaper El Mundo, Tetra Pak, Consum, Bodegas Vicente Garcia, Ulma, Valero, Timbrados Valencia, Grupo Giró or the Association of Wavy Cardboard Manufacturers (AFCO).

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