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10 October, 2016

ITENE to present an innovative compostable material at K 2016

Innovative additives and Nanosafety technologies will be presented during the show. The research center also participates in the initiative FACE OF INNOVATION of Dow Chemical as a testing partner of the company.
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ITENE Research Center will present at K2016 show (19 to 26 October, Düsseldorf-Germany) all its latest trends on plastic innovation. One of the most relevants products is an innovative and compostable material with active properties that, in a packaging application, extends the expiry date of a perishable product up to a year and a half, in the case of natural cosmetic creams.

Currently, there are compostable packaging materials such as PLA (polylactic acid) which give this product an average shelf life of 6 months. The new material improves the barrier and antioxidant properties of conventional PLA, and also with the incorporation of active substances to the packaging material, the natural cosmetic product can achieve a shelf life of 18 months.

To show how this innovative product works, a live demo of biodegrading PLA bionanocomposite with active properties will be showed at ITENE’s booth from initial stage until it turns into compost able to grow new life.

Another relevant products to be presented at K2016 are new advanced additivated polymers to offer great mechanical resistance and low permeability, in case of bioplastics, and to reduce the material volume of conventional plastics.

ITENE will present to companies all its capacities to evaluate all new plastic developments of any company and guarantee legislation compliance. The research center analyses food contact safety, toxicity and ecotoxicity, biodegradability and compostability of different plastic products.

About these, the international entities DIN Certco and VinÇotte have recognized ITENE as an approved laboratory to conduct certification test in the framework of compostable product.

Finally, along with the foreseen benefits of the nanotechnology, there is an on‐going debate about the potential effects of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) and nanoenabled products on human health and the environment. ITENE will show with its experts in Nanosafety how to ensure the right exposure measurement in the work place and protective equipment effectiveness evaluation, and all the latest R&D for Nanotechnology risk prevention.

All the products and demonstrations will be showed at K2016, Hall number 5, booth 5F10.


ITENE collaborates in the initiative Face of Innovation created by Dow Chemical to gather industry leaders and experts working together to turn good ideas into great solutions.

On Monday 24th at 14h00 (K48 Hall 8a), with the session “Moving goods safely – it impacts you!” Joan Alcaraz, Packaging and Product Testing Business Manager at ITENE, will explain the importance of testing to improve load stability. A summary of this presentations is presented here: