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HomePressPress releasesProcter & Gamble presents the Physical Internet project's new challenges and advances in Madrid
21 May, 2015

Procter & Gamble presents the Physical Internet project's new challenges and advances in Madrid

Máximo Martínez, Research Manager at the Supply Network Innovation from Procter&Gamble has presented the latest advances in the project that will revolutionize the logistics, Physical Internet.
physical internet
Research area:

Manufacters, distributors and logistics operators have gathered at the fourth edition of Alimarket Logistics Meeting to exchange opinions and discuss about the new trends that will shape the future of logistics. The event took place at Mapfre’s Auditorium in Madrid and the main topic was “New cycle, New Solutions”

Procter&Gamble’s Research Manager explained the innovate concept of Physical Internet, a more efficient and sustainable open global logistics system founded on ISO-modulars logistics units, a digital interconnectivity system of the units and an interconnected logistics platform.


Trucks and containers are often half empty at departure, with an 42,6% of average utilization. And vehicle & containers often return empty, or travel extra routes to find return shipments that involves a 25% of travel and increase of CO2 emissions.


Collaboration, modularization and the development of an IT system are the answer to all of these problems. ”Physical Internet is based on full cooperation between all agents” Máximo Martínez said. A good example of collaboration is how they worked with Tupper Ware to increase from 55% to 85% the loads and a significant reduction on CO2 emissions.


 “Currently, we don’t collaborate, each company has its supply chain; we don’t optimize the transport. But when it has done, we reduced costs and CO2 emissions and we can create economies of scale.”

Máximo Martínez explained the Modulushca project as well. Modulushca goals are the development of a set of exchangeable eco-friendly ISO-modular logistics units that optimize the space and are standardized worldwide and the establishment of digital interconnectivity of the units. The ITENE’s Modulushca project will be the first real experience of the Physical Internet innovative vision. The Final Conference will be held from 6th to 8th of July 2015 in Paris.

For further information and registration at the Physical Internet Final Conference, please click here