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16 April, 2015

ITENE will show on HISPACK&BTA how to turn science into business opportunities

The center will have a stand at the Trendpack Area and will talk about its latest technological developments. ITENE has organized a Brokerage Event to get in touch food companies with packaging technology suppliers.
Application sectors:

Valencia, 16 April 2015.- The Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research Center (ITENE) presents in the HISPACK& BTA at Barcelona, through different activities, some samples of how generate business opportunities through science and innovation.

To this effect, they will be at its stand located at the TrendPack Area at the T10 space (Pavilion 2). They’ll show its latest developments in active and intelligent packaging which managed to lengthen the shelf life of food and other products such as cosmetics, to guarantee the freshness of the products, as well as its 100% sustainable new packing materials.

Besides, ITENE will also include success cases at its presentation and a demonstrative session at the presentation space of the TrendPack Area. For instance, the companies will be able to learn firsthand the active packaging developed by ITENE that extends the shelf life of packaged red meat. In practice, it will last five days more than the conventional packaging, without compromising the consumer safety and contributing with it in the decrease of food wastes.

The development of this active packaging arrives at perfect time, since there is foreseen that until 2018 there is an increase of 18% of trays of red meat on the market, replacing the cut fresh meat purchase.

On the other side, ITENE will show a brand new label with ink that indicates the freshness of package chicken, at real time, changing its colour.

This colour indicator detects the microorganism produced in meat and it changes the colour to inform at real time about its freshness condition. Today, this technology has a competitive price and it is already available to deploy it to the market.

The center will also release other innovations such as a new biodegradable cellulose-based coatings packaging for food that also includes a cover with the same properties.

Thereby, ITENE’s goal has been created an alternative to non-renewable conventional packaging materials derived from oil, by developing structures based of cellulosic materials (paper), to use in Applications of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Another example of how to create value with innovation will be shown at the Pack&Logistics Area, where ITENE will explain how to cut costs with the optimization of the packaging system. Here, they will talk about the main actions that sectors like the FMCG done, and how they are getting up to 20% cost savings.

Technological Networking

On the other hand, on Thursday 23d of April, it will take place the Conference and Brokerage Event “Innovation and Packaging Solutions for Food SMEs” organize by ITENE, Hispack&Bta, the Enterprise Europe Network and the Food and Berverage Industries Federation (FIAB).

More than 150 European organizations have already sign up to learn about this technology and attend to the networking meetings in this activity organized by the European project TRADEIT in which ITENE is involved and have the support of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.

ITENE's Programme at Hispack


Wednesday 22 April 2015

Laura Zacarés ITENE (13,00 -13:30) - Active packaging to achieve more safe and natural products with a longer useful life. Practical case studies in the food and cosmetics sectors
Miriam Gallur- ITENE (15,00-15;30) - Incorporation of cellulose materials and the use of additives in bioplastics for 100% sustainable packaging solutions

Thursday 23 April 2015

Inma Lorente - ITENE (10,30-11,00) - Sensopack, technology that substitutes the estimated sell-by date with a precise control of the product's deterioration

Mercedes Hortal - ITENE (12:00 - 12:30h) - Demo Session  The packaging of the future: active, smart and sustainable


Thursday 23 April 2015

Jorge García – ITENE (15:30-16:00) - The keys to optimizing packaging to save costs and improve sustainability in the logistics chain


Thursday 23 April 2015 “Innovation and Packaging Solutions for Food SMEs”