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HomePressPress releasesNew EU project on land transport security launches website and stakeholder platform
11 December, 2014

New EU project on land transport security launches website and stakeholder platform

The EU-funded project launched its official website ( to keep transport security aware of the consortium's work.
seguridad transporte
Research area:

The EU-funded project, CARONTE (“Creating an Agenda for Research On Transportation sEcurity”), launched its official website ( today to keep transport security stakeholders and the general public aware of the consortium’s work.

 By the close of its 18-month life in March 2016, CARONTE will have mapped out the future research recommendations for building up capabilities that ensure efficient Europe-wide security in land transportation while mitigating impact in case of incidences. It is also important to balance the need for smooth and cheap transport flows with the need for security. Avoiding regulatory and technical overkill while identifying research to counter threats is a main goal of CARONTE partners.

 CARONTE’s research agenda will focus on future security-related topics the EU should consider or support to protect Europe’s land transport sector against threats. For example, which existing research projects merit a follow up and extension? What new land transport security themes and topics should be framed for the future?

 The project’s consortium will analyze existing and emerging threats (including conventional and cyber threats) across the main transport modes of road, rail and inland waterways – as well as the land- and port-sides to aviation and maritime transport, respectively.

 Meanwhile, CARONTE’s researchers held their first workshop on 27-28 of October in Vienna where they agreed to assemble detailed “characterisation sheets” on: projects at EU and national level, ongoing regulatory and legislative initiatives, corporate best practices and standards, and transport security studies across the EU. These will help form the basis of the team’s work during 2015.

News, updates and related developments in the project’s field of security can also be followed via its Twitter account (@CaronteProject).