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Tool to evaluate nanomaterial risks


ECO-TEXNANO project is aimed to design an innovative tool to improve risk assessment and promote the safe use of nanomaterials in the textile finishing industry.
Source of funds:
Scopes: Chemicals and cleaning products
Lines research: Nanomaterials

Nanomaterials are not intrinsically hazardous per se, however, there may be a need to take into account specific considerations in their risk assessment. The aim of ECO-TEXNANO is to design a tool to improve the environmental impact of the innovative solutions with nanoparticles that are emerging with respect to technical textiles.

In Europe, the textile sector has been subject to a series of radical transformations over the last years due to a combination of technological changes, evolution of production costs and the emergence of international competitors. Nanotechnology is having a great reception and its use is gradually increasing. The possibilities offered by this new science in the development of new materials is huge, however, there is still a lack of knowledge of the impacts they may have on the people’s health and environment.

For this reason, ECO-TEXNANO intends to carry out an assessment of the environmental, health and safety impacts into its manufacturing operations, encouraging the integration of green technologies. This innovative tool will serve to improve knowledge on risk assessment of nanomaterials and to promote the safe use along their life cycle. This tool will also allow quantifying the environmental impacts of the use of nanomaterials in substitution of bulk substances, and to guaranteeand that they do not pose a risk on health and the environment.

Also, this project will conduct a demonstration of two pilot scale trials in order to provide evidence of best practices in the application of nano-based techniques comparing with conventional finishing chemicals. Moreover, it will increase the professional’s knowledge in the field of nanomaterials for the further development of human health and environment, and also improve the competitiveness of the European textile sector.

In ECO-TEXNANO are involved different companies and research centers: LEITAT Technological Center, CENTEXBEL, ITENE, Fratelli Piacenza and VINCOLOR.

 For more information:

ECOTEXNANO is a project co-funded by the European Community under the LIFE+ Financial Instrument

Contribution: 148.723,00 €
Project ID: ENV/ES/000667

Comisión Europea - Life

Comisión Europea - Life