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Propiedades relevantes de los papeles para impresión tipo offset para mejoras de la impresión


The aim of this project is to be able to better anticipate and estimate printability in heatset web and sheet-fed offset printing (perfector only). At the same time, special attention will be given to print-related phenomena such as ghosting, vanishing dots and mottling.
Source of funds:
Scopes: Packaging
Lines research: Development of New Advanced Materials
Since these properties are dependent on the time spent passing through the printing press, passive trials have been envisaged for the most part. This means that, generally speaking, papers with print-related problems are to be analysed.

The study is intended to concentrate on the following focal points:
  • Developing a requirements profile for graphic papers for up-to-date heatset web and sheet-fed offset printing,
  • Analysing the principal problems associated with printability in heatset offset printing,
  • Analysing measured variables and the methods for characterising misprints by metrological means Further development of existing methods or the development of new methods (e.g. quantification of the setting of offset printing ink),
  • Gathering, classifying and analysing the measured variables required to characterise paper properties in respect of the measuring techniques that are available and employed in the paper and printing industry
  • Conventional metrology-related evaluation of problematical papers and printing-related phenomena,
  • Innovative metrology-related paper evaluation and methodological development (topography, porosity, paper cross section analysis, binder distribution in coated papers, dynamic penetration measurement, and the like,
  • Analysis of the interactions between paper, printing ink and printing-related parameters and ascertainment of the potential for optimising paper properties,
  • Assessment of the impact on printability of development trends taking place in the paper and printing industry
  • Recommendations for instrument engineering and construction
Project funded by the Institute for Small and Medium Industry of the Generalitat Valenciana (IMPIVA) and FEDER funds under the Aid Programme for R & D aimed at technological institutes 2009, through the expedient IMIDIC/2009/177
IMPIVA y Fondos Feder

IMPIVA y Fondos Feder