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Emissions Free Refrigerated Urban Distribution


This initiative responses effectively to the need to reduce environmental impacts in european urban areas.
Source of funds:
Scopes: Urban mobility and ITS;Distribution and E-Commerce
Lines research: Transport and Mobility;Sustainability
Refrigerated urban distribution implies high negative impact for Urban environment because the pollution associated to the standard logistics activities is loaded with additional negative impact of the refrigeration equipment.

EFRUD is an innovative transport solution which contributes to reduce the environmental and also noise impact in urban areas, improving the quality of life.

EFRUD is a  LIFE+ project  aimed at reducing the environmental impact due to the transport of perishable goods that need to be refrigerated (e.g. farm produce, milk and dairy products, meat, medicines and medical stuff, etc…) during the distribution operations within urban areas.
  • Life+ EFRUD project is working on a prototype to reduce the environmental impact of refrigerated urban distribution.
  • It also pretends to improve the energy efficiency process in the logistic chain, ensuring the preservation of the quality of perishable goods, considering the service requirements, taking into account the direct costs and managing interactions with current business.
  • Apart from contributing to the improvement of environmental impact of urban distribution, this project wants to give a concrete contribution to the progress of the urban environment quality in general, developing the existing Green Procurement.
  • Other of the main goals is to demonstrate the feasibility of an effective solution for one of the modes that more incidence has on the urban environment, through the incorporation of an innovative passive-cooling refrigerator, capable of maintaining the temperature without requiring energy from the vehicle.
With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community / LIFE09 ENV_IT_000107
Comisión Europea - Life

Comisión Europea - Life