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Flax and hemp advanced fiber based composites


The main objective of the FLHEA project is the development of industrial scaled-up processes to obtain modified cellulose nanofibres, for the development of biocomposites with improved properties.
Source of funds:
Scopes: Packaging
Lines research: Development of New Advanced Materials

Nowadays, ecological concern has  resulted in a renewed interest in materials derived  from renewable resources, like natural  fibres. Although the demand for natural  fibers is growing worldwide and its price is increasing,  annual plants  such  as jute, sisal,  kenaf,  flax or hemp  require  further development to provide novel products with improved  properties.

Packaging industry has a huge interest in reducing packaging materials and associated wastes. Biodegradable materials have been evaluated for this application.

However, the use of biodegradable films for food packaging is limited because natural polymers offer a barrier and mechanical insufficient properties. A possible strategy to increase its properties is the development of fiber-based biocomposites.

FLHEA will use background results from previous projects to provide a novel range of surface modified reinforcements. The project will focus on the upscaling and modification of micro and nanoreinforcements based in Hemp and flax, and its subsequent processing to obtain composites with improved properties. One application where the project results will be demonstrated is in food packaging trays.

Contribution: 204.745,00 €
Project ID: 613971
European Union

European Union

7th Framework Programme

7th Framework Programme