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Project to evaluate the impact of the nanocomposites in health and the environment


The LIFE nanoRISK project aims to minimise environmental, health and safety (EHS) risks from exposure to engineered nanomaterials (ENMs). It hopes to do this by improving understanding of the risks associated with the release of ENMs to the environment by the polymer nanocomposite industry and identifying the most appropriate prevention and protection measures.
Source of funds:
The project will collate new information on the release rates of ENMs to air, water, wastewater and oil during their production, use and disposal. This will contribute to a complete description of the exposure scenarios throughout the nanocomposites’ life cycle. It will also study the airborne behaviour of the target ENMs, notably their aggregation/agglomeration patterns and deposition factors.

To identify the most appropriate Risk Management Measures (RMM) for controlling exposure to ENMs, the project will test potential RMMs at pilot scale. It will develop a compendium of testing protocols -based on international standards– and develop a nanoaerosols test chamber. RMMs tested in the chamber will include personal protective equipment (PPE), engineering techniques and organisational measures. The results will provide valuable data for determining whether a particular RMM is suitable, effective and feasible for a specific exposure scenario.

The project’s findings will help to strengthen the Library of RMM and to improve the quality of Chemical Safety Assessments for nanomaterials. LIFE nanoRISK thus hopes to enable better implementation of the European REACH Regulation with regard to nanomaterials, and to reduce human and environmental risks from overexposure to nanoparticles.

Contribution: 251.820,00 €
Project ID: ENV/ES/000178
Comisión Europea - Life

Comisión Europea - Life