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Flexible robotic systems for automated adaptive packaging of fresh and processed food products


Development and environmental assesment of new systems which will offer the food industry all the advantajes of the authomatic packaging adaptation of different shapes and sizes of products
Infografía sobre la idea del proyecto
Source of funds:
Scopes: Electronic;Capital goods;Food & Beverages;Packaging
Lines research: Packaging Systems and Technologies;Sustainability

The PickNPack concept offers the food industry the benefits of automation – cost reduction, greater hygiene and more efficient use of resources – combined with the unique ability to adapt to the product and batch size at hand.

PickNPack will give the European food industry a vital competitive advantage in the rapidly changing marketplace of the future, where customers demand more quality, more choice and more safety for lower prices. 

The project will develop three types of modules that can cope with the typical variability of food products and the requirements of the sector regarding hygiene, economics and adaptability, which will be working closely together:

  1. A sensing module that assesses quality of the individual or small batch products before or after packaging.
  2. A vision controlled robotic handling module that picks up and separates the product from a harvest bin or transport system and places it in the right position in a package.
  3. An adaptive packaging module that can accommodate various types of packaging with flexibility in terms of package shape, size, product environment, sealing and printing.
7th Framework Programme

7th Framework Programme

European Union

European Union