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Sustainability Advantages

Ventajas Sostenibilidad

Main advantages:

• Being ready for more restrictive legislative frameworks on environment.

• Optimizing resources.

• Reducing material and energetic needs.

• Improving profitability.

• Make a difference by having solid added-value arguments for products, processes, activities and services.

• Integrating the demands from other actors in the value chain, including consumers.


Benefits of working with ITENE:

• Experienced multidisciplinary team with more than 15 years of specific training on packaging, transport and sustainability.

• More than 200 projects on sustainability carried out with packaging and transport companies over the past 15 years.

• We established the first Carbon Footprint Office in Spain.

• European Research Center reference in evaluation and minimization of packagind and distribution environmental impacts.

• Comprehensive and updated knowledge on the latest sustainability trends for packaging and distribution.

• Participation in forums and workshops for regulation development on packaging, transport, their environmental impacts and wastes and distribution. 

• Demonstrated efficiency on improvements implementation.